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Gaia Alignment Bundle

Gaia Alignment Bundle


A 30-day ritual bundled with all the tools you need to shift, align and manifest.


Each bundle includes crystals, essential oil, mala bracelet, sacred symbol activation, palo santo and guidance sheet with a mantra.


Every day for 30 days practice your ritual by cleansing your space with palo santo, shift your consciousness with essential oil, raise your vibration with crystals, ground with the mala bracelet, visualize with sacred symbol and speak your intention with mantra.


The Gaia Alignment Bundle assists in grounding, ancestral healing and mind/body well-being. Included in your bundle:


Red Jasper

Cedarwood Essential Oil

Mala Bracelet

Sacred Symbol Activation

Palo Santo


All crystals are hand selected and will be approximate to images. As a natural product, they may differ in size and color from items shown.


Deepen your ritual with the Earth Knot Candle and Chai Tea!

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